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Pamir Hightway Advanture Tour


06 Apr 2023 - 11 Jan 2023

Someone associates the high-altitude Pamir with the Alshinists going to conquer another "seven-thousander". Others remember that in ancient times the famous Great Silk Road ran through this region. For third, the Pamir is the name of cigarettes popular in Soviet times or an equally popular magazine. In fact, the Pamir is primarily the birthplace of several unwritten Iranian-speaking peoples, including the Shugnans. They consecrated with great difficulty the harsh mountain region, which for many centuries was detached from the rest of the world and remained unknown to him almost until the end of the XIX century.

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  • Property is cleaned with disinfectant
  • Staff wears personal protective equipment
  • Gap period enforced between guest stays - 24 hours
  • Experiened and qualified guide
  • Guests are provided with free hand sanitizer
  • Shield between guests and staff in main contact areas
  • Social distancing measures are in place

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We issue permits through partners on the territory of nature reserves

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  • Dushanbe city tour 11:00am

    Dushanbe city tour

  • Dushanbe – Kulob – Kalai Khum , 11:00am

    On the second day the memorable tour will start with the well-known route famous destination from Dushanbe to Pamir via the main Pamir highway, known as the M41 route. Along the road trip, there will be a stop in the water reservoir picturesque of Norak and visit the mausoleum of Mir Sayed Hamadani – a monument for the philosopher and poet. The trip will have a stopover in Qalhai Khumb, Darvaz Region. (370 km, 7-8 hours)

  • Kalai Khum – Khorog 11:00am

    The third day will begin from Qalhai Khumb towards a drive to Khorog, the city center of GBAO along the Pyanj River. Passing regions and areas such as Vanj, Rushan and Shugnon districts, in a daytime will be arriving in Khorog city. Khorog is a stop-over stop point and central city point. In the next part of a say, the city tour of Khorog will include a visit to The Ismaili Center of Khorog, Chorbogh, Deepamiri, Botanical garden, and UCA. Overnight in Khorog (240 km, 6-7 hours)

  • Jawshangoz – Maysara Pass – Ghund Valley – Khorog 11:00am

    On the fifth day, there will be a road journey to Ghund Valley through Mysara Pass and continuing to drive towards Jelondi, with a stop over to visit the most visited places for the natural hot springs. The restricting place invites visitors to experience the hot spring sauna/bath with approx. The temperature of this spring is about 60C. The traveling road to Jawshangoz is often driven over mountain passes with elevations of 4 000 m above sea level. In the evening along the Pamir Highway, known as the M41 Pamir Highway, back to Khorog. Overnight in Khorog (200 km, 6-7 hours)

  • Khorog – Langar 11:00am

    The sixth day of the journey is to have a road trip to Ishkashim. Ishkashim is famous for its rich historical places, hot springs, and beautiful rugged nature. There will be a visit to Garmchashma hot spring, Kofirkala fortress and Namadgut museum, then Vichkut valley, Yamchun Fortress and hot spring “Bibi Fotima”. Overnight in Langar village. (240 km, 5-6 hours)

  • Langar – Bulunkul Lake 11:00am

    On the seventh day, there will be a journey to Bulunkul, elongated with the border of Afghanistan and China. The road is a junction space of the passing via Khargushak post of Murgab district. Overnight in Bulunkul (150 km, 4-5 hours)

  • Langar – Bulunkul Lake 11:00am

    Bulunkul – Alichur – Murgab detour to Madiayan valley Early morning of the eighth day there will be a trip Bulunkul. (220 km, 5-6 hours)

  • Murgab – Rankul Lake – Karakul Lake 11:00am

    The ninth day of the trip will start with visiting beautiful Rankul lake or Black Lake, then it will continue with visiting the largest lake Karakul. Karakul is one of the largest mountain lakes in the world. On the way to the lakes, there is the highest Ak-Baital pass (4 655 m). Overnight will be in the homestay format familiarizing with local food and the lifestyle of local people. (200 km, 5-6 hours )

  • Karakul Lake – Bartang Valley – Sawnob 11:00am
  • Sawnob – Rushan 11:00am

    In the morning of the eleventh day, the trip is planned to have road travel to Bartang valley, uphill by narrow road to the highest village in the area – to Roshorv village. The drive will be along the Bartang river from Upper Bartang to the downside of the valley. Overnight will be in the guesthouse in Rushan. (170 km, 6-7 hours )

  • Rushan – Karon Old City - Kalai Khumb 11:00am

    The trip will start with the same road which has been passed at the beginning. There will be a drive to Kalai Khumb along Panj river. Overnight will be in the guesthouse (180 km, 5-6 hours)

  • Kalai Khum – Khoburubot pass – Dushanbe 11:00am

    The return trip travel plan is to pass via a high Khoburubot Pass (3252) known as Western Pamir Tract. The road goes through the most picturesque river valley and views there will be stopped for rest and to shoot photos of the mountain and rivers. (290 km, 7-8 hours)

  • Dushanbe Central Point – Capital city for connected travel via Tajikistan 11:00am

    Dushanbe Central Point – Capital city for connected travel via Tajikistan


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