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Travel Agency “Eagle” has been established in 2016.  Our company organizes amazing tours all along the Silk Road, and it is able to provide full travel services in all parts of Tajikistan. Our key objective is to introduce you to the beautiful landscapes and picturesque regions of our country.  We have elaborated various tour routes that will meet all your preferences.

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Registered suppliers
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Most of our tours are held on the magic “Roof of the World”. The famous Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and Pamir Mountain ranges form a place which is known as the Pamir Knot. The high and open valleys in the middle of these three mountain ranges are called “The Roof of the World”. The Great Silk Road which links East and West, Asia and Europe and which inspired the world's greatest explorers such as Marko Polo, Hsuan Tsang, and Mirza Muhammad Haidar, passes through the territory of this region as well.
Our range of small-group tours and individual adventure holidays have been carefully researched and arranged in order to provide you with a quality service and an exciting, and groundbreaking travel experience. While spending time in this area, you will witness (and might experience) the challenges that indigenous people face in The Pamirs for ages. 
 You will leave “The Roof of the World“ with a great impression and unforgettable lifelong memories!

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Dilnoza TufalonovaFounder & Communication
ShamirManaging Operations
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Jonbek JonbekovDrivers Team Leader

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